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Mô tả: ĐỀ CƯƠNG ÔN TẬP HỌC KÌ I - TIẾNG ANH 7 - ( 2010-2011) ĐỀ 1: Câu 1 :In …… we learn about how things work A history B geography C biology D physic Câu 2 :. I…… English classes on Monday and Thursday A learn B have C start D Do 3 My brother enjoys… football matches after school A. watch B to watch C Watching D Watches Câu 4 : Chatting with friends…… a popular activity at recess A is B are C have D has Câu 5 :The school children often…… marbles at recess A play B Plays C playing D Are playing Câu 6 : Her father is good…… fixing things A to B for C at D. with Câu 7 ……. A lovely livingroom ! A What B How C That D Which Câu 8 :Would you like to see a movie ? A You are welcome B Yes , please C Yes, I ‘d love to D Yes, thanks I/(2 điểm) Đọc đoạn văn sau làm bài tập sau: I live in a small village not far from Hanoi. My house is not very big but it’s quite clean. It’san old farm house. There is a large garden with a lot of colorful flowers There are six rooms in the house : a living rom, three bedrooms,a kitchen and a bathroom. There is a wonderful view from my bedroom. I really like the house.It’s very quiet and my neighbors are friendly. *§óng(T) hay Sai (F) 1.The writer’s house is very big … 2. There are a lot of flowers in the garden … 3.Her house has five rooms …… 4.She doesn’t like her house …… 5.Her neighbors aren’t friendly …… 6.Her house is quite clean II/(2 điểm). Viết câu sau đây thành câu cảm thán: 1. These films are interesting……………………………………………………. 2. It’s a hot day. ………………………………………………………………. 3. The restaurant is awful ……………………………………………………… ĐỀ 2: 1. The living- room ……… a table and four chairs. A.has B. have C. is having D. are having 2. These boobs are on the shelf ……… the right. A. on B. to C. by D. in 3. My new school is ……… than my old school. A. big B. bigger C. biger D. biggest 4. Would you like ………… a movie? A. see B. to see C. seeing D. sees 5. ……… an awful restaurant ! A.Where B.Who C. What D. Which 6. What about ………… to music ? A. listen B. listening C. listens D. to listen 7. My mother takes of sick people. She is a ………… A.farmer B. teacher C. nurse D. worker 8. Mai learns …………. to use computer every Sunday. A. how B. what C. where D. who Bài 1: Cung cấp thì đúng của các động từ trong ngoặc.(2đ) 1. Where is Lan ? Lan( read)………… in the library . 2. We (wacth) ………… TV every night. 3. My mother (visit) …………… my grandmother tomorrow. 4. I (walk) …………. to school every day. Bài 2: Sắp xếp các từ bị xáo trộn thành câu hoàn chỉnh.(2đ) 1. Ba / his / name /is.  ………………………………… 2. old / years / 13 / is / he.  ………………………………… 3. lives / Le Do street / at 20 / he.  ………………………………… 4. by / bike / goes / to/ he / school.  …………………………………… Bài 3. Đọc đoạn sau rồi chọn câu nào đúng (True) và câu nào sai(False): (2đ) I think schools in Viet Nam are different fromschools in the USA. Vietnamese students usually wear school uniform. Classes start at 7 o’clock in the morning and end at 5:15 in the afternoon. There lessons on Saturdays. Students have a 15-minute break after two periods. At break, many students play games. Some go to the canteen and buy snacks or drinks. Some others read or talk together. Our school year usually lasts for nine monhts from September to May. Then students have a three- month summer vacation. True(T) Fasle(F) 1. In Viet Nam, the school year begins in October. ….………… 2. Vietnamese students do not wear school uniform. ……………. 3. There are lessons on Saturday. .…………… 4. The summer lasts for two months. …………… ĐỀ 3: II. Reading. Choose the suitable word to complete the passage.There are more words than needed.(2,5pts) Study Geography Biology events language how things have At school, we (6)_____many things. In Literature, we learn about books and write esssay. In History we study past and present(7)______ in Viet Nam and around the world. In(8)____, we study different countries and their people. In physics, we learn about(9)_________things work. In the(10)_____ class , we study Engish. III. Language focus. Circle the best opition ( A, B, C or D ) to complete the sentences( 2.5 pts ). 11. Ha Noi is a big city, but it is_____ than HCM city. A. the smaller B. smaller C. smallest D. small 12. _____ is it from here to school? About two kilometers A. How high B. How long C. How far D. How often 13. Minh_________ his homework at the moment. A. is doing B. does C. will do D. do 14. Tomorrow is Mai's birthday. She_____ some of her friends to her birthday party. A. invite B. invites C. is going to invite D. invited 15. He writes articles for a newspaper. He is a ______. A. teacher B. journalist C. musician D. writer 16. The United State's Library of Congress is one of the_____ libraries in the world. A. larger B. largest C. larger than D. large 17. My brother is good______English. A. in B. on C. at D. with 18.____ don't you come to my house? Ok, let's go. A. Why B. Let's C. What D. When 19. Tam enjoys_____ soccer. A. to play B. play C. plays D. playing 20. Before tests, Hoa usually _____ about 45 hours a week. A. will work B. works C. is working D. worked IV. Writing. Do as directed in the brackets(2.5 pts). 1/ I usually visit my grandparents during my vacation ( make question for the underlined words) 2/ What do you usually do in your free time ? ( Answer the question ) -------------------------------------------------- 3/ Tim's father has more vacations than Hoa's father. Hoa's father has -------------------------------------- ( complete the sentence so that the meaning stay the same ) 4/ library / I / in / study / school / after / the / sometimes. ( rearrange the words into the correct sentence ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5/ The children are interested in computer games.( usually ) ( Put the adverd in the correct position) ĐỀ 4: II/ Đọc đoạn văn sau và làm bài tập phía dưới. Mr Tuan is a famer.He usualy starts work at 6.00 in the morning.He has breakfast then he feeds the buffalos, pigs ,chickens and collects the eggs. From about nine in the mornig until four in the afternoon .He works in the field with his brother.They grow some rice,but their crop is vegetables .From twelve to one oclock MrTuan rests and eats lucnh . A/ Chọn câu đúng[T]hay sai[F] . 1. Mr Tuan is a teacher.[ ] 2. He usualy works from 6.00 a.m until 4.00 p.m everyday.[ ]. 3. He works in the field with his sister [ ] 4. They grow rice ,vegetables…and raise buffalos,pigs ,chickens. [ ] III/ Phần trắc nghiệm: Chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất cho mỗi câu sau. 1. He looks different …………… his father a. at b. with c. from d. for. 2. Lan ………….in the library at the moment . a. reading b.is reading c.reads d. will read. 3. We………………here tomrrow. a. will not come b.not come c.do not come d.can not come. 4. Mai leans ……………to use the computer. a. what b.when c .how d. why. 5. This is …………….expensive book. a. more b. most c.the most d. the more 6.Would you like …………… badmindton a. play b. playing c.to playing d.to play 7. My father never………… coffee. a.drink. b.drinking c.drinks d. to drink. 8.My brother likes watching soccer. a. I like , too. b. So,like I c.I am ,too d.So, am IV/ Viết lại các câu sau theo gợi ý: 1.The pen is 1000VND. The ruler is 2000VND ( dùng so sánh hơnvới tính từ: cheap/expensive ) The……………………………………………………… 2.Why do not we go to the beach ? What a bout ………………………?. 3.The room is very nice .(Viết câu cảm thán) What……………………….! 4.the / never / she /does / housework (sắp xếp các từ đã cho thành câu) ……… ĐỀ 5: II – READING Reading the paragraph and answer the questions ( 2,5pts) The Vietnamese students take part in different after- school activities . Some students play sports .They often play soccer , table tennis or badminton . Sometimes they go swimming in the swimming pools . Some students like music , dramar and movies . They often practice playing musical instruments in the school music room . They join in the school theater group and usually rehearse plays . Some are members of the stamp collector’s club .They often get together and talk about their stamps . A few students stay at home and play video games or computer games . Most of them enjoy their activities after school . 1 / Which sports do some students often play ? ------------------------------ 2/ How often do they go swimming ? --------------------------------------- 3/Where do some students often practice playing musical instruments? ----------------- 4/ How often do they rehearse play ? ---------------------------------------- 5/ Do VietNamese students enjoy their activities ? ------------------------- III LANGUAGE FOCUS: Complete the passage with the correct form of the verbs ibrackets ( 2.5pts ). My uncle Thanh lives in Thu Duc . He (1)…………(work ) in a travel. Company in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. He (2)………….( enjoy ) his job because he likes (3) ………. (meet ) lots of different people . He lives in a very nice house, but he wants(4) ………(move ) somewhere.It (5)……… (take ) a long time and it costs a lot of money. Now he (6)…………(look) for a house. Houses in the center of the city. (7)………….(be) very expensive ,but he wants (8)………(have) A small and cheap one . He (9)………(visit) some old friends next year . Now (10)………….(be) very happy . IVWRITING Write about your teacher of English , using thestionsbelow. 2 1/ His name / Bien 2/ He / 45 / years old 3/ He / work / school / in country 4/ He / go to work / by bus 5 / He/ go home /4.30 pm . ĐỀ 6: 1. You should your hands before meals. a, to wash b, wash c, washing d, washed 2. She doesn’t like pork, does her uncle .a, either b, too c, so d, neither 3. He will buy a new house . a, next week b, last weed c, yesterday d, last summer 4. How .is it from your house to school. It’s 500 meters. a , much b, many c, far d, less 5. How .are you? I‘m 42 kilograms. a, long b, highc, weight d, height 6. They .soccer on the school yard now. a, plays b, to play c, play d, are playing 7 . Let’s to the movie theater! a, going b, go c, to go d, goes 8. Would you like to play baseball? - .? a, Thank you b, Yes, please. c, No, I don’t d, I’d love to II/ Đọc đoạn văn và điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống ( 2đ ) carefully, sick, asked, happy, dirty, medicine, make, wash,vegetables Ba went to the doctor because he was (1) . The doctor (2) .Ba some questions. Ba said he ate some (3) .last night. The doctor said he must wash the spinach (4) Vegetables can be (5) . The dirt can (6) .people sick. The doctor gave Ba some (7) .to make him feel better. Now, he feels very (8) III/ Sắp xếp các từ sau thành câu hoàn chỉnh (2đ) 1/ have / any / doesn , t / in / she / friends / Ha Noi . 2/ they / free / usually / are / the weekend on. 3/ Phong / interested / is / in / always / music/ . 4/ Two/ the / There / living / are / in / room / benches T ĐỀ 7: II/Phần I: (Reading )( 2,5 ms ) Điền vào mỗi chỗ trống một từ trong khung để hoàn thành đoạn văn: loves goes later home travels My father is a driver. He works for a company in Da Nang. Every day he (1) to work at 6 a.m, and comes back (2) . at 5 p.m . Sometimes he goes to work earlier and gets home (3) .He often goes to Hue on business.He never (4) to Ho Chi Minh City. He (5) .his job very much. III/ Phần II: ( Language focus ) ( 2,5 ms ) Chọn A, B,C or D để hoân thành câu : 1/ How . is it from Ai Nghia to Da Nang? A. long B. far C. much D. many 2/ What expensive dress ! A. an B. a C. the D. one 3/ Would you like to my house for lunch? A come B. comes C. to come D. coming 4/ My uncle . to Hue next month. A. travel B. traveling C. to travel D. will travel 5/ My younger sister .ten on her next birthday . A. will be B. is C, will D. be 6/ Mai is .than her sister . A. pretty B. prettier C. prettiest D. the prettiest 7/ What about .to the circus ? A. going B. goes C. go D. to go 8/ My mother takes care of sick people. She is a A. teacher B. farmer C. worlcer D. nurse 9/ The boys . soccer now A. is playing B. play C. are playing D. plays 10/ Minh usually . T.V on Sunday ? A. watches B. watch C. to watch D. watching IV/ Phần III: ( Writing ) ( 2,5 ms ) Viết câu hỏi cho những câu trả lời sau: 1/ .? My telephone number is 772769 2/ .? She goes to school by bike 3/ .? I usually read a book after school . 4/ .? My favorite Subject is Math 5/ ? He will go to Ha Noi next week. ĐỀ 8: II. Read the text bellow and do the request: (2,5m) His name is Nam. He is a president of the stamp collector’s club. On Monday morning, he and his friends get together and talk about their stamps. If they have any new stamps they usually bring them to school. Nam’s American friend, Peter, gives him a lot of American stamps so he often bring them to his school to introduce them to his friends. A. True/false statement: 1. The stamp collector’s club meet each other on Monday afternoon. 2. Nam has a lot of American stamps. B. Answer these questions: 1. What is his name? . 2. Who gives Nam American stamps? . 3. Is Nam the present of the collector’s club? III. Choose the best answer: (3 m) 1. She has fewer days off my mother. a. the b. than c. more 2. Hoa will be late .her school. a. in b. of c. for 3. Would you like .to the movie theater with me? a. going b. to go c. go 4. Nga .a letter tomorrow. a. write b. writes c. will write 5. What about .to music? a. listening b. listen c. to listen 6. What interesting movie! a. a b. an c. the IV. Make sentences: (2,5m) 1. My new school/different/my old school 2. This room/ beautiful / than/ that one 3. Nga/ invite / Lan / her party / tomorrow . 4. How/ from / Danang/ Hoian / ? . 5. Mai/ having/ birthday/ her house/next/ Sunday ĐỀ 9: II.Read the pasage and choose T(True) or F(False) : I think schools in Vietnam are the little different from schools in the USA. Vietnamese students usually wear school uniform. Classes start at 7o’clock each morning and end at 11:15 in the afternoon. There are lessons on Satuday.Students have a 15 minute break ater two periods. At break, many students play games. Some go to the canteen and buy something to eat of drink. Others talk together. Our school years usually lasts for nine months from September to May. Then we have a three month summer vacation. 1. The school year begins in Octorber. T/F 2. Vietnamese students do not usually wear school uniform. T/F 3. There are lessons on Satuday. T/F 4. Students have a 15- minute break after two periods. T/F 5. The summer vacation lasts for two months. T/F III. Choose the best answer: 1.What your telephone number ? It’s 895678. A.Do B.Does C.Is D.Are 2. How .is it from your house to school ? A.Far B.Long C.Hight D.Much 3.Children should to bed early. A.To go B.Go C.Going D.Goes 4 .Nam enjoys soccer. A.To play B.Playing C.Plays D.Play 5.I’d like this letter to Ha noi. A.Send B.Sends C.To send D.Sending 6.My brother is good English. A.At B.In C.On D.With IV.Write the questions with Wh- words : 1. She lives in Ha Noi Where . ? 2. We usually go to school in the afternoon When ? 3. They are in class 7/3 Which .? 1. Hoa enjoys playing volleyball What sports .? 2. Mr Tan is talking to Hoa Who ? T ĐỀ 10: Câu 1 :Nam …………… television every night A watch B watches C watching D to watch Câu 2 :………… is it from your house to school ? – About two kilomets A How far B How long C How high D How Câu 3 :Lan’s birthday is …………… Friday , December 20 th . A at B in C on D for Câu 4 :………….an awful restaurant ! A which B who C where D what Câu 5 :…………….does Nga have English ? – On Monday and Friday . A When B What time C How long D Where Câu 6 :Mary enjoys …the piano . A play B plays C To play D playing II. Read the following passage and answer the questions.( 2,5m) June 2 nd Dear John , Thanks for your letter . I am very glad to hear that you are fine . I am fine ,too It’s really interesting to know about vacations of American students . You are right . We have fewer vacations than America students . Each year , we just have about four vacations . We have a day off for Independent Day on September 2 nd , two days of on April 30 th and May Day . Our most important vacation is Tet . Tet holiday often lasts for nine or ten days. Our longest vacation is summer vacation . It lasts for almost three months . We usually spend time with our families . We don’t have vacations for Easter , Thanksgiving and Christmas , but we also celebrate them . Please write and tell me your last summer vacation .Your friend , Hoa. 1) Do Vietnamese students have more or fewer vacations than American students ? . 2) How many vacations do Vietnamese students have ? 3) Which vacation is the longest ? 4) Is Tet the most important ? . 5) What do Vietnamese students do during their vacations ? . III. Arrange these words to make sentences.(2,5m) 1) Hoa / interested / is / in / always / music /. /. 2) does / How many / Mai / classes / today / have / ? / . 3) video games / some / play / Let’s / . 4) Do / you/ how often / study / after school / in the library / ? / 5) a / living room / lovely/ what / ! / T ĐỀ 11: I.Listen and choose the best answer:(2m) 1.My father is a. a teacher b. an engineer c. a doctor 2.He is years old. a. 45 b.35 c.55 3.He teaches at grade a.6 b.7 c.8 4.He goes to work by a.bike b.motobike c.car II.Choose the best answer:(4m) 1.Mai learns .to use a computer. a.what b.when c.how 2.All the students enjoy on the weekend. a.to camp b.camping c.camp 3.The class .at 7 o’clock in the morning. a. start b.starts c.ends 4 .does Nga have history?On Monday and Thursday a.when b.what time c.how long 5.He look different .his father. a.at b.with c.from 6.This dress is the expensive of the four dresses. a.best b.more c.most 7 .novels are very interesting. a.Theseb.This c.That 8.The lamp is next the picture. a.in b.to c.at III.Read the text and answer the questions:(2.5m) This is Miss Lan. She is a teacher. She teaches music at a small short in the village. She gets up at six. Every morning she Le aves the house at quarter to seven. The school is not near her house so she goes to work by bycicle. Her class starts at seven and ends at eleven. Miss Lan rides home and has lunch at a quarter to twelve. 1. What does Miss Lan do? 2. What subject does she teach? . 3. Where is her school? . 4. How does she go to work? . 5. What time does she have lunch? . IV. Rewrite these following sentences:(1.5m) 1. The room is very dirty. What ! 2. These children are naughty. What ! ĐỀ 12: Câu 1 :1. I am a new student ,………… A I do, too B I am so. C Yes,I am. D So am I Câu 2 :Her new house is …………. her old one. A bigger than . B as bigger than C biger than. D as big than Câu 3 :How do you go to school ? A By bicycle B On foot C Both A and B are correct D With bicycle Câu 4 :…………. is it from your house to school A How long B How ofen C How far D How Câu 5 :My father …………. the gardening at the moment A do. B is doing C does D are doing Câu 6 :The bookstore is……………. the toystore and the souvenir shop A among . B to. C x D between Câu 7 :Which sentence is correct. A What an awful day. B What a awful day C How an awful day D What a day awful Câu 8 :Mai doesn’t like onion . ……… A So does Lam B Lam does , too. C Lam does , too D Lam does , neither Bài 1 : Supply the corect tense for the verbs in brackets. a) Where is your sister ? She ………( sit) in her class. b)We often …… ( have) lunch at 11.30 c) My mother …………(visit ) my grandmother tomorrow d )I……….( walk) to school everyday Bài 2 :. Rearrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences a) are / about/ they/ class/ their/ talking . → b)go/ have/ drink/ let’s/ to/ a / canteen/ the/ and. → Bài 3 : .Read the passage and write T (True ) or F (False) for each statement below it There are two main kinds of sports : team sports and individual sports . Team sports are such sports as baseball , basketball and volleyball . Team sports require two separate teams . The teams play against each other . They compete against each other in order to get the best score. For example , in a basketball game , if team A gets 7 points and team B gets 3 points , team A wins the game . Team sports are somtines called competive sports. 1.………. Team sports and individual sports are two main kinds of sports. 2……… . Baseball ,basketball and volleyball are individual sports. 3………… To get the best score, the two teams have to compete against each other. 4………… Competive sports are sometimes called team sports. ĐỀ 13: Câu 1 :Today Hoa is fine and so ………A is Mai B does Mai C are Mai D do Mai Câu 2 :My new school is ………… my old one A bigger and more beautiful B bigger and beautifuler than C morebigandmore beautiful than D more big and beautifuler than Câu 3 :Phuong and Thanh ……… 13 next month A shall be B are going to be C are D will be Câu 4 : ……… interesting the film is ! A How much B which C what D How Câu 5 :The living-room …………. a table and four armchairs A has B is having C have D are having Câu 6 :Mr Tien lives by …………in a small apartment A himself B herself C themselves D yourselves Câu 7 :These books are on the shelf ………. the right A on B to C by D in Câu 8 : In physics, we often ……………. Experiments A does B does C. are doing D is do Bài 1 :_ 3_ _điểm TÌM NHỮNG CÂU TƯƠNG ỨNG Ở PHẦN A CHO PHẦN B : A B a. How long does it take you to go from 1. yes, there is one over there your house to the market on foot ? 2. please, go straight ahead and turn to b. why do you need a phone card , Mary ? the right c. I would like some envelopes and stamps 3. It’s about five hundred kilometers,I d. Is there a post- office near here ? think e. Could you tell me how to get to the bus- station ? 4. It takes me about ten minu f. How far is it from NHA TRANG to HO CHI MINH city ? 5. Here you are 6. Because I often phone my family a…… ; b………; c……….; d……….; e…………; f………. Bài 2 :_ _3 _điểm SẮP XẾP TỪ TRONG CÁC CÂU SAU : 1/ like / subjects / you / most / which / do / ? ………………………………………………… 2/ essays / and / I / literature / learn / books / write / in / about …………………………………………… 3/ QUANG TRUNG / Ba / at / school / is / class / in / 7A / learns / and …………………………………… ĐỀ 14: 1/ She . to school tomorrow. a. goes b. go c. will go d will goes 2/ . is it from your house to school ?- It is about 2km. a. How many b. How old c. How much d. How far 3/What interesting movie ! a. a b. an c. the d. one 4/ Let`s swimming in the early morning . a. going b. to go c. is going d. go 5/ Would you like . volleyball with us ? a. to play b.play c.playing d. is playing 6/ In . class, we study the past and present events in Viet Nam and around the world . a. Physics b. History c. Geography d. Biology 7/ Nam . football match on TV at the moment . a. watches b. watch c. Is watching d. will watch 8/ What is Ba`s favorite ? It is Electronics .a. work b. exercise c. game d.subject 9/ In Vietnamese school, we must wear a a. school uniform b. school bag c. beautiful clothes d. nice dress 10/ The Math books are . the shelves . the left. a. on-in b. on-on c. in-at in-on II/ Read the passage and do the exercise ( 2,5m) The Vietnamese students take part in different after-school activities. Some students play sports.They often play soccer, table tennis or badminton. They somtimes go swimming in the swimming pools. Some students like music, drama and movies. They often practice playing musical instruments in the school music room. They join the school theater group and usually rehease the plays. Some are members of the stamp collector`s club.Afew students stay at home and playvideo games or computer games. Answer the questions : a/ What do Vietnamese students do after school ? b/ Which sports do they ofter play ? c/ Do all students like music, drama and movies ? d/ What do students do at home ? e/ What do the members of school theater group do ? IV/Write these sentences from the given words:(2.5m) a/ The girl is beautiful.(Exclaimation) b/It is about 1 kilometer from the post office to the market.(Question) How .? c/ Dress A is 50.000 dong.Dress B is cheaper than A.Dress C is 70.000 dong.(Superlative) Dress C . d/ In /she /maps /about / countries /studies /and /learns /Geography /different /her /class.(Order) e/ Nam and Tu /study /Math / at the moment.(Complete) ĐỀ 15: II. Reading : Read the passage and tick the best option (A,B,C or D) to answer the questions that follow.(2,5 pts ). The Vietnamese students take part in different after-school activities . Some students play sports. They often play soccer, table tennis or badminton .Somtimes they go swimming in the swimming pools .Some students like music ,drama and movies .They often practice playing musical instruments in the school music room . They join in the school theater group and usually rehearse plays. Some are members of the stamp collector’s club .On Wednesday afternoon, they often get together and talk about their stamps. A few students stays at home and play video games or computer games .Most of them enjoy their activities after school hours . 1. Which sports do some students often play ? A. soccer B. table tennis C. badminton D. A,B and C are correct 2. How often do they go swimming ? A. usually B. always C. sometimes D. never 3. Where do some students often practice playing musical instruments ? A. in the library B. in the video room C. in the school yard D.in the school music room 4. When does the stamp collector’s club meet ? A. on Sunday B. on Monday morning C. on Saturday afternoon D. on Wednesday afternoon. 5. Do Vietnamese students enjoy their activities after school hours ? A. No, they don’t B. Yes, they do C. Yes ,they are D. No, they aren’t III. Language focus(2,5 pts) : Complete the dialogue between Hoa and Mai Hoa :…………………………………………… ? Mai :My mother is a teacher. Hoa : …………………………………………… ? Mai : She teaches at a secondary school Hoa : ? Mai : She works eighteen hours a week Hoa : ……………………………………………? Mai: Yes, she does a lot of work at home . Hoa : ………………………………………….? Mai: She is cooking now . IV. Writing(2,5 pts):Write about the library at your school,using the suggestions below. 1. The library / behind my school . 2. It / open / 7 a.m /close /5 p.m 3. It /have /5 /shelves 4. There / lot /books /the library . 5. Students /often /read /books /this library . ĐỀ 16: Câu 1 We……. in class 7A a. am b. is c. are d. be Câu 2 Her birthday is on the………… of June a. twelve b. twelveth c. twelfth d. twelf Câu 3 How ……… is it from your house to school ? a. long b. far c. old d. how far Câu 4 Hoa …… with us to the museum next week. a. won’t b. won’t go c. won’t goes d. doesn’t go Câu 5 What …. awful restaurant ! a. an b. a c. some d. any Câu 6 Houses in the city are…… than houses in the country a. expensive b.more expensive c. expensiver d. the most expensive Câu 7 They ……. English at the moment. a. study b. are studying c. to study d. studying Câu 8 What time …. Trung … music class? a. does/ have b. is/ has c. do/have d. are/ have Câu 9 In…, we study past and present events in Viet Nam and around the world. a. Histoty b. Geography c. English d. Physics Câu 10: How…. do you study in the library after school? I always study in the library. a. old b. often c. far d. long Câu 11: Đọc đoạn văn sau, chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất It’s a quarter past five. The students of Quang Trung School come out of their classrooms. Many of them go home. Some other students sit in the cafeteria and wait for their parents. The students take part in many different after-school activities. Some students stay at school and play sports. They change their clothes and play soccer or table tennis. Now and then they go swimming. Not all after-school activities are sports.Thereis a music and drama society. Members of this group practice playing musical instruments or rehearse for a play. Some students try to help the community. They learn how to do first aids. They all enjoy working together. a) …… the students go home after school A. All B. A lot of C. Some D. Any b) Some of the students wait in the …. A. classroom B. cafeteria C. community D. school c) …. collect some children A. The teacher B. Friends C. Mothers D. Sisters d) A few sporty students…… go swimming A. sometime B. usually C. always D. never e) …. of the after- school activities are sports. A. All B. Some C. None D. A lot f) Some of the students learn first aid to …. A. help people B. stay at school C. have fun D.play sports Câu 1 Sắp xếp những từ sau thành câu có nghĩa a, the / Trang / best / is / in / class / student / our b, go / to / and / get / Let’s / cafeteria / the / drink / cold / a ./ Câu 2 Em hãy viết theo cách đọc của những ngày tháng sau: a. 3/2 ………………… c. 2/9 …………………… b. 20/11 ………………. d. 30/4 ………………… ĐỀ 17: 1 . My new school is .than my old school. A.big B.bigger C.biger D.biggest 2.Lan . her breakfast now. A.eats B.is eating C.eat D.eating 3.Would you like a movie? A.seeing B.see C.to see D.sees 4.The souvenir shop is the bookstore and the bakery A.between B.opposite C.next to D.at 5. He writes for a newspaper . He is a A. teacher B.dotor C. nurse D. journalist 6.Mary enjoys stamps. A.collect B. to collect C.collects D.colecting II. Read the passage and write short answer to the question that follow.(2.5pts) From about nine in the morning until four in the afternoon, Mr Tuan works in the fields with his brother .They grow some rice , but their main is vegetables. From twelve to one o’clock ,Mr Tuan rests and eats lunch . At four in the afternoon , they come back home. Mr Tuan feeds the animal again .Then he cleans the buffalo shed and the chicken coop . His work usually finishes at six. Question : 1.What does Mr Tuan do from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon ? . 2 .Does he work with his brother ?. . 3.What is their main crop? . 4.Do they come home at five in the evvening ? . 5.What time does his work usually finish ? III. Write about your friend , using the suggestions below. (2.5pts) 1.His name / BA 2.He / 13 / years old 3.He / live / 20 Le Loi Street 4.He /go to school / by bike 5.He / go home / 11.30 a:m . T F . ĐỀ CƯƠNG ÔN TẬP HỌC KÌ I - TIẾNG ANH 7 - ( 2010-2011) ĐỀ 1: Câu 1 :In …… we learn about how things work. .? My telephone number is 77 276 9 2/ .?

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